To Gilbert, the two Maries and all of the wonderful staff at La Maison duParc.


You provided such kind and compassionate care to our "son" Aubert in the last year of his life and we thank you so much.


Your encouragement support, strength, tenderness, and love of humanity carried him through his final days when he was so alone and far away from his home and family.


You gave him shelter, companionship, courage, sympathy and understanding when he needed them most, and we will always be profoundly grateful.



With love and thanks from Aubert's Canadian "parents".




In memoriam: Sylvain Thibault


I would like to thank the entire team at Maison du Parc for the quality of their services, personalized attention, gentleness and especially the compassionate care that you gave to my partner during his stay with you.


Everyone was exceptional. From the doctor and the CLSC palliative care nurse, to the hospice executives, management team, nurses, interns, volunteers, the cook and his fellow residents; everyone was always willing and ready to look after him or lend a helping hand.


During this difficult period, I greatly appreciated the proficiency, dedication and extraordinary empathy from all of the members of your team that came into contact with my partner. Your exemplary teamwork allowed me to remain close to him during his two month stay at Maison du Parc, until the very end. In his final moments, your care, unwavering and steady, twenty-four hours per day, afforded us the freedom and dignity to live fully in our mutual love for each other.


I would like to thank especially the residents of Maison du Parc, who have become friends and whom I will continue to visit on a regular basis. They became part of our daily routine. For both Sylvain and for me, they epitomize the mission of your hospice, where one finds love, friendship, and hope. Never give up the battle; you are the real deal, and you make an astounding team.


For me personally, I was deeply touched by everyone that I met and with whom I had the chance to speak. Once again, your gentleness, tenderness, and willingness to share your information and experience brought me great comfort in my time of grief, and helped me to better understand what we lived and experienced together.


Saying thank you will never be enough to express how deeply the mission of Maison du Parc touched me, what phenomenal support it offered to us both, and how you provided such a place of solace where Sylvain could spend his final days in peaceful dignity.


On behalf of Sylvain’s family and from the bottom of my heart, thank you once again for the attention and care that you provided.


In deep sincerity,
Serge Deschamps




In memory of my Mother


I want to tell the whole team at Maison du Parc how wonderful you all are – the best of the best!


Without all of you, your passion for people, your dedication and your work, I don’t know what would have happened to me and my Mom. Your support, your smiles and attention to the needs of the residents ensure that we carry you in our hearts and that you have our most sincere trust.


You are part of an important period of my life and I can’t thank you enough for allowing my mother to pass away surronded by love and respect.


I also want to thank all the residents who have been part of my Mother’s life and who contribute to make the Maisondu Parc a place full of life, hope, friendship and love. I admire you a lot - you are real people and you made my Mother happy and stronger during this difficult part of her life. To her, you were part of her family and her heart. You were there for her joys and sorrows and you helped her to find love for life.


I adore all of you and I thank you for being there. In my eyes, you are the most wonderful people!!


Thank you!






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