The Maison du Parc is accessible to people with disabilities. We have installed elevators and every room is equipped with an emergency call system. All residents have a private, furnished room. Central phone line and internet accesses are available free of charge to residents. Those who so choose may have a private phone or internet access installed in their room, at their own expense.


Caregivers are available at all times, 24 hours a day. They support the residents in reaching their objectives, which are established at the time of their arrival and reviewed periodically during their stay.


Examples of other services offered at the Maison du Parc:

  • Support
  • Basic care and comfort
  • Assistance with medication and scheduling of medical appointments
  • End of life companionship
  • Information and awareness-raising
  • Active listening and caregiving
  • Help in decision-making and protection of patients’ rights
  • Prevention of at risk situations and crises
  • Preparation for social re-integration, etc.


√ Nutrition, maintenance and providing a secure environment are also part of our daily routine.






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