A not-for-profit organization, the Maison du Parc welcomes men and women stricken with HIV/AIDS. It offers a palliative care program and accompaniment for the physical, psychological and social needs of our residents.


Confronted with the harsh reality of the rising number of HIV/AIDS cases in the Montréal area, the Maison du Parc also develops complementary support services for those afflicted living at home and their families.





At the Maison du Parc, we tend to all aspects of a resident’s well-being. Our approach is one of community action aimed at one’s potential, not one's limitations; its focus is autonomy rather than dependence. We also believe that a person afflicted with HIV/AIDS has the right to confidentiality, the right not to be judged or discriminated against and the right to dignity.





The Maison du Parc was founded in Montreal in April 1991 and is one of the last HIV/AIDS housing facilities still operating in Quebec.


The Maison du Parc welcomes people from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Our history is one of involvement, of caring and support who has evolved to meet the evolution of HIV/AIDS in Quebec:

  • In the early years it was an end of life hospice, a refuge for those afflicted with HIV/AIDS, with low income, no support system and no future.
  • With the advent of new treatments, services were expanded to include support for a return to normal life and social re-integration.
  • Subsequently, a community monitoring program for people living with HIV/AIDS was put into place. The Maison du Parc was the first to implement a satellite apartment program for those weakened and in need of support to cope with the disease.
  • By the acceptance of trainees from Quebec and abroad on a regular basis, measures were initiated to allow the transfer of expertise and awareness-raising of life with HIV/AIDS.
  • Finally, the creation and management of projects aimed at a quality of life with HIV/AIDS, accessibility to support for afflicted persons living in isolation and the partnership between resource groups, are areas of expertise developed by the Maison du Parc over the years.




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