Thank you to our amazing volunteers from Franklin Templeton Investments! Kitchen and dining room now painted!





Thank you to the wonderful team of volunteers from Morgan Stanley for a great day of gardening!





Thank you to the team at MAC Cosmetics for bringing the holiday cheer to us at Maison du Parc!





Teem Franklin Templeton 2017





A special thank you to the team from the Bank of Montreal who volunteered for us June 7th! Your wonderful help was very much appreciated our garden looks wonderful!





A special thank you to the Telus team of volunteers who painted all day, June 28th! Hope to see you soon!!





La Maison du Parc at ÇA MARCHE 2015.





A special thank you to the Franklin Templeton Investments team for walking the AIDS March for us on Sunday, September 27th.





A special thank you to the team of Franklin Templeton who volunteered for us June 15th and 18th! Your wonderful help was very much appreciated!





The Maison du Parc exists because HIV/AIDS still exists, people still need help and men and women join their efforts to help those in need. They are:

  • Those afflicted by the disease who allow their needs to be measured and who help out around the Maison according to their capabilities
  • Our employees who chose community-based work and the HIV/AIDS cause
  • Our generous volunteers
  • The directors that protect and defend the mission, accepting the responsibility of volunteering on the Board
  • Active and honorary members who support the organization
  • The donors and friends of the Maison who ensure our financial survival and our ability to develop new programs
  • Our partners who collaborate and work with us



A Place of Schooling and Training


Sharing and the transfer of experience and expertise are also a part of the Maison du Parc’s social role.


Every year, trainees from Quebec and abroad, come to familiarize themselves with community interventions specific to our organization. Although, most of our training sessions are subject to agreements between training centers, professional associations and our HIV/AIDS partners, some individual requests have been accepted. The training fields are numerous: support, care giving, psychological interventions, re-adaptation, social re-integration, nutrition, maintenance, management, etc. The duration of the training sessions varies according to the learning objectives.







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