For someone who is not terminally ill, a stay at the Maison du Parc is temporary. It may be to stabilize one’s health or to address a medical related problem. An important step before returning home is preparing for the resumption of day-to-day life and more specifically, life with HIV/AIDS. This is the social re-integration process.


Satellite Apartments


More than half of those living at the Maison du Parc who return home need no particular help afterwards. Others, who are more fragile or less stable, need remote supervision at various levels. The Maison du Parc’s satellite apartment program offers such supervision for those in need.


This program is based on a progressive withdrawal of our direct assistance and referrals to resource partners’ relief groups. However, follow-up by Maison du Parc may be necessary in order to prevent health deterioration or crisis situations.



Those supported by the satellite apartments benefit from a rapid readmission if needed.






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