The special attention to all the details in the daily life of residents is what makes the difference at Maison du Parc.
Marie-Kym Brisson, President of the Board of Directors

Welcome to the Maison du Parc!

A not-for-profit organization, the Maison du Parc welcomes men and women stricken with HIV/AIDS. It offers a palliative care program and accompaniment for the physical, psychological and social needs of our residents.

Confronted with the harsh reality of the rising number of HIV/AIDS cases in the Montréal area, the Maison du Parc also develops complementary support services for those afflicted living at home and their families.

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Report on the state of HIV/AIDS in Quebec today. Entrevue avec Yves Demers, résidant. Présentation de la Maison du parc par Catherine Breton, directrice.